Greek standards

While Greece was on strike last Thursday, the Federal Statistical Office presented hard data on German government debt. It comes to the record $ 1.69 trillion euros and that our country is deep in debt.Consolidation policy makes the governments apparently no joy. In the last cycle, the then grand coalition even when gushing sources further added tax debts.

Cuts in pensions are sacrosanct because this group of voters not only in Germany has an optional critical magnitude. The Austrian government has recently caved in on that front, and the French have the same experiences behind them. And Greece shows how one reacts explosively decades living on credit society when suddenly the bill is presented, and massive tax increases, pay cuts for the public sector and pay freezes for pensioners have to be decided.

In everyday life, we know the principle that if you order then you have to pay! In our sense of entitlement to the state, we neglect this simple context. In addition, because there are hardly any politician that voters remember to this basic rule, even in good economic times are simply fulfilled more wishes, saving is forgotten. Nevertheless, the early policy of saying no to inexpensive what the public wants is the main precondition is that we will not soon see Greek standards.

The German high public debt financed with just the social systems on the one hand, on the other, as and the widening social gap show very clearly one thing. It is a content wrong policy. That in itself is enough for all who live in Germany. Nevertheless, it is annoying for those, who for few years have to pay the bill: The young adults, teenagers and children. One must also make it clear that the country’s elite are increasingly mobile.

Therefore, it is quite possible future academic or otherwise talented people, simply to leave the country.Of course, there is another basic rule: It is no financial assets without debt! A society in which everyone has are pretty much money in the bank, but no debt, there is not easy.Therefore, perhaps we need to see things from all their angles.